How WisdomTree Knows Exactly Who to Sell to With IBM Watson

“Bluewolf helped us take data and analytics to the next level with AI.”
Kurt MacAlpine, EVP and Head of Global Distribution


WisdomTree is the seventh largest Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) sponsor in the United States.

With nearly 90 U.S.-listed ETF products and a network of 260,000+ financial advisors, WisdomTree needed to invest in a technology that could help them more efficiently determine which clients to target, how to best reach them, and what specifically to offer them.

WisdomTree's sales team targets 260,000+ financial advisors.


Bluewolf had already been working with WisdomTree to enhance and maintain its Salesforce functionality when Bluewolf proposed the idea for an AI-powered prioritization and product recommendation system within Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Bluewolf partnered with IBM’s Advanced Analytics Center of Competency (AACoC) team to create and launch a series of machine learning models for WisdomTree’s distribution team.

WisdomTree’s Salesforce and marketing data were integrated with Watson’s Personality Insights API, providing insight into investors’ personality attributes and attitudes toward working with WisdomTree.

Subsequently, Watson then suggests the next best action for WisdomTree’s distribution team to initiate with prospects and customers.


In just 14 weeks, WisdomTree became the first and only asset manager globally to use IBM Watson to guide its sales process.

Team members can now log into an interactive dashboard to determine which financial advisors they should focus on, how to best contact those advisors, and which products or solutions their end-clients will most likely be interested in buying.

With enhanced pipeline management, lead prioritization, and real-time insights into market data and sales activities, WisdomTree has eliminated the guesswork from its sales and marketing outreach efforts, while boosting both advisor engagement and seller productivity.

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