No Assembly Required: How NRL Community Instantly Runs Reports

“Since working with Bluewolf, we have more time to review customer feedback, rather than simply collecting it.”
Patrick Young


The National Rugby League (NRL) needed to scale the growth of its community program, NRL Community, by centralizing and digitizing how it captures data and reporting related to programs, contacts, interactions, activities, and events.


Working with Bluewolf, NRL Community integrated a digital forms solution with Salesforce to eliminate manual processes and establish a single web portal for managing engagement with users.


NRL Community now securely captures information from their program participants through numerous channels, including Form Assembly and Captricity.

NRL's community program leverages Rugby League to lead and inspire people.

With pre- and post-event survey forms made digital, return rates and accuracy of information have increased. NRL Community has a reliable, centralized system for managing and distributing communications with program participants and partners.

Because NRL Community can create reports instantly, it can be more responsive to changes and quickly identify needs across its programs. All together, the NRL Community team has decreased their administrative workload and can dedicate more time towards making a difference in people’s lives.

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